Annie Shelly


Annie Shelly

ITEC Level 5 Sports Massage

Massage Therapist. Chelmsford

My Work

I really count myself lucky that my job is simply to make people feel better. There cannot be anything more satisfying than that when it comes to work! All are made to feel better on my bench, but I do love the tricky cases, those who have been struggling for a long time without sense of relief or those with chronic conditions. I guess I like a challenge!


As an ex British Gymnast I am a keen sports person and love any type of exercise to keep myself fit and healthy. I can also be found walking my pug when I can get the opportunity I love to travel.


I have been a sports massage therapist for several years now and I have done multiple courses to keep me on top of my game and ensure my clients get the most beneficial and up to date techniques. For me I like to own the skills I have and keep advancing them to the next level.

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