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Getting back in the game…Getting better at the game

Sports Injuries can prevent you from playing the game you love, we get to the root cause, provide effective treatment and return you to the activity you love. Better still, by optimising the way your muscles and joints function, you can improve your performance and reduce injury risk.

Whether your injury is new and acute or chronic and ongoing, our depth of knowledge and experience of all sports ensures we reach a quick diagnosis and can offer from a wide range of treatments for your injury. Using chiropractic techniques, massage and rehabilitation exercises, your recovery time is speeded up and the risk of further injury reduced.

Working with athletes of all abilities and levels and from a huge variety of sporting disciplines our care plans help to optimise your performance by focusing on functional movements, joint mobility and muscle quality.

Our TPI trained and registered Golf Specialist Chiropractic, Dr. David Elliot, is able to offer Golf Specific Assessments. Identifying any physical limitations that may be holding back your handicap and potentially lead to injury, we can check that your body is working to its optimum level.

Whatever your level of professionalism and whatever your goals, whether it is to recover from injury or particular performance targets we tailor a treatment plan to suit your sporting needs. 


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