Neck Pain Treatment In Maldon & Chelmsford

Chiropractic is renowned for many reasons, treating neck pain and stiffness is one of the main ones. We provide expert neck pain treatment in Chelmsford & Maldon tailored to each individual person. It is no surprise that with the amount of computer work, stress and driving that most people have in their daily routines that many people suffer from neck pain. Not to mention for those mums and dads out there who carry the weight of their kids (and their many, many belongings) around, on shoulders, on hips! Neck pain is prevalent in life for many, many people. With all of these factors it is not surprising that we can need a little chiropractic help to keep our necks doing their job properly.


Pain on turning (or restriction of movement, for instance difficulty reversing your car) or shooting pains in your neck are common symptoms, as are persistent dull aches, headaches, tight knots of pain or unexplained weakness. They are all signs that something is wrong and needs attention.

Arm pain and pins and needles can be caused by nerve irritation or pressure in the neck and upper spine. 


There are many reasons you can develop neck pain. Something as a repetitive posture or movement can create the right set of circumstances to develop a problem over time.

Sudden onset pain can result from injuries such as whiplash, whilst degenerative changes might also result in new and increasing levels of pain.

Our chiropractors will not only help you eliminate your neck pain, but help you understand what caused it in the first instance. Here at Advanced Chiropractic we pride ourselves in our patient understanding, knowledge and care!


  1. Specific chiropractic adjustments. Where the neck pain stems from the abnormal position of your spinal bones, gentle and specific manipulation of the problem areas will move joints back into position. This will relieve your symptoms and pain, increase mobility of the joints and relax your muscles.
  2. Soft Tissue release, such as sports massage or home exercises will relieve pain through the muscles.
  3. Strengthening exercises will help you prevent any recurrences and future problems, make you stronger and help you with more demanding tasks day to day.

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