Sports Injury Treatment In Maldon & Chelmsford


Whatever your sport, whatever your level from keen amateur to full professional we know you love your sport and want to perform at your optimal level.

Sports injuries often present with a range of discomfort and symptoms from mild to severe pain, you might experience swelling of the injured area, a loss of strength or restriction in your movement. Not only will this hamper your performance and enjoyment but, untreated injuries can lead to more severe, long term consequences.

We understand that the progress you make in your sport is important to you, that is why you train hard. However, if you find that despite your efforts, you don’t seem to be making any further improvements, and seem to have reached a plateau of ability, we can help you to enhance your performance by improving the mechanics of your muscles and joints.


Intensive training will leave your body vulnerable to injury. Overuse of your muscles leads to tears and inflammation as well as other fatigue related injuries. Some sports have higher risk factors associated with them, for example, high impact based sports can put extra strain on your joints and muscles.
Much sports performance can be limited by physical restrictions of the body, for example a golf swing, which requires shoulder flexibility, torso/hip rotation and core strength. By detecting and correcting any physical limitations, the golfer’s optimal performance can be dramatically improved.

Expert Sports Injury Treatment In Chelmsford & Maldon

  1. Treating injuries through gentle, targeted adjustments will restore the normal functions of your joints, muscles and nervous system, allowing you to get back to the sports you love.
  2. Rehabilitation through exercises to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the affected area prevents any recurrence of the pain and the problem.

 Our Sports Therapists and TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor are here to find ways to help you enhance your sports performance.

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