Chiropractic for Babies and Children


All we ever want for our kids is the best. Nothing is more distressing or concerning than to see them struggle. Here at Advanced Chiropractic our chiropractors Sorcha, Lydia, Claudia & Rowan all use the gentlest of techniques on their pediatric patients, from 2 week olds to teenagers, whatever your concern we are here for them (and you)!

The birth process places huge stress on your baby’s body and system. As infants and children grow and develop, learning to crawl, walk and becoming more active they learn through a process of trial and error, frequently falling and trying again. This of course can lead to some injuries which are not always easy to see, whereas a chiropractor will notice even minute changes in their bodies.

We help babies and kids with

  • Reflux & colic due to latching issues
  • Constipation
  • Glue Ear 
  • Torticollis
  • General muscular aches/restricted movement

With the proper pediatric chiropractic techniques, your child’s body can be supported, encouraging proper growth, and developmental milestones to be reached all in time.

Using only the gentlest paediatric techniques for spinal and cranial procedures, your baby is adjusted carefully and precisely to improve health and promote optimal functioning of all their systems. Specialising in the area of chiropractic for children and babies, consulting scientific literature and worldwide clinical experience, we ensure we use the most current evidence for our treatments. We provide both immediate relief from their symptoms as well as long term wellbeing for your child’s growth. 

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