Arthritis Pain


With over 10 million sufferers in the UK and at least 100 different types of arthritis, the symptoms of arthritis are a familiar sight in our clinics with sufferers looking for the expert care our experienced team provides.

This inflammatory disease affects the joints, making them feel tired, aching and swollen. Affecting wrists, hands, feet, knees and hips this disease can attack almost any joint in your body.

Creating difficulties in your ability to move, acute pain when you do and ongoing chronic pain the rest of the time, we help you to find ways to manage and improve this ongoing condition.


There are two main types of arthritis that people suffer from; Osteoarthritis causing joint pain and stiffness and Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease which attacks in cycles causing inflammation, swelling and pain of the joints.

These degenerative conditions are mostly caused by the regular wear and tear on your joints which comes with ageing, although severe overuse, being obese or overweight can create further complications. 


Whilst we can’t stop anyone getting older, we can stop you from feeling older than necessary! For many people with arthritis they are told they just need to get on with it. Our practitioners are trained to improve your joint mobility and function which will make a significant difference to the pain and stiffness that you may feel on a daily basis.

Diagnosing the type of arthritis and the joints affected, we aim to improve your joint mobility through adjustment and massage therapy, helping to decrease the level of pain you experience. Coupled with nutritional and exercise advice our aim is to help you manage and slow the progression of your condition, leading to a fuller, more active life for you. 

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