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Swimmers shoulder, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), AC sprain/strain, burners syndrome…Just some of the injuries we provide shoulder pain treatment for in Chelmsford and Maldon. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, which can lead it to be vulnerable to injury should we not look after it. Whilst a common problem, shoulder pain is not a complaint you should have to live with, our practitioners are on hand to help you.


From shooting pains to achy pains, and everything in between, pain experienced in the shoulder is a sign that your shoulder needs help. Damage to your shoulder muscles can restrict the natural movement of the shoulder joint and lead to general loss of mobility. In addition to stiffness, there might also be associated chronic or acute pain.

The soreness experienced in your muscles can make your everyday life difficult for you but it need not be the way, we treat all shoulder injuries and work with you to prevent further incidents.


Straining your muscles can result from lifting or moving heavy or awkward objects incorrectly. Falls, injuries and other traumas often create damage around your shoulder joint.

Sports people are especially susceptible to shoulder injuries from working hard in the gym or on the pitch.


  1. Relief can be given by working on the muscles and joints surrounding your shoulder area through manipulation and manual therapies such as massage.
  2. Specific exercises to improve your flexibility and strength will also provide assistance and help to avoid a recurrence of the condition.

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