Posture Correction

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Poor posture can develop changes in your spinal structure, leading to pain and problems with muscles, discs and joints. Our treatments help you regain a good posture and return you to your optimum health.

Firstly, through examination, if necessary using X-Ray, we assess the severity of the changes in your spine and determine how best to improve its function.

Through gentle and specific adjustments, we can help to improve the flexibility of your spine and your overall comfort.

Treatment plans are developed for a range of postural conditions such as Scoliosis, Kyphosis and a forward head posture, as well as other health conditions that can lead to gradual damage or deterioration of the spine.

Posture Correction treatments will help to realign your spine in a more correct position, relaxing affected muscles and relieving discomfort. The strengthening exercises and spinal stretches designed for you will improve the functioning of your spine, helping your posture and promoting your health and well being. 


Treatment Methods:

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