Back Pain Treatment In Chelmsford & Maldon


This is what chiropractic is known (and loved) for helping with. The majority of people who receive care at our clinics in Maldon & Chelmsford come in for back pain treatment. We cover the full spectrum of backs, from disc issues & trapped nerves to dull aches and simple muscular strains.

Prior to treatment our clients will tell us of back pain ranging from mild, constant pain to acute and severe incapacitating pain.
Frequently back pain can present as a dull ache in the lower back, muscle spasms, numbness or pins and needles.
Back pain although not always serious can be likely to impact on your daily life, reducing mobility, creating areas of pain and tension and frequently resulting in headaches. 


Back pain can develop abruptly or gradually and often for the simplest of reasons. It can be caused by lifting something incorrectly, or possibly as a result of a repetitive incorrect movement.

Here at Advanced Chiropractic we believe that understanding the cause of the pain is key to diagnosing and treating your pain, as well as preventing any recurrence, so we will make sure to help you find out (if you didn’t know) what caused your particular injury. 


  1. Gentle and specific chiropractic adjustments of the joints in the problem areas will correct imbalances, increase mobility and relax your muscles. Not to mention relieve your pain and symptoms. 
  2. Soft Tissue release, such as sports massage or home exercises will relieve pain through the muscles. 
  3. Strengthening exercises will help you prevent any recurrences and future problems, make you stronger and help you with more demanding tasks day to day. 

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