Sciatica Treatment In Chelmsford & Maldon


Your chiropractor here at Advanced Chiropractic will be highly proficient at resolving your sciatic pain, this is something we see and help many people with everyday at our Chelmsford and Maldon clinics.

Whilst a very common complaint, sciatica can vary in severity ranging from a low grade but constant, deep, nagging ache to sharp stabbing and crippling pains. The pains frequently present as back pain which radiates down your legs often reaching your toes. Sensations that you might experience are cramps, numbness or tingling feelings.


Sciatica is caused by the irritation or compression of the sciatic nerve. The most common cause of this is a bulging or herniated (slipped) disc, where the damaged disc presses on the nerve. Other causes can include muscular imbalances through your lower back and gluteal muscles or simple lifestyle factors such as sitting on your wallet for long periods of time if for instance you are a taxi driver. Whatever the reason, your chiropractor here at Advanced Chiropractic is clinically trained to get to the root of your problem, establishing the cause of your pain through Neuro-orthopedic and neurological test ensures we give you a correct diagnosis, along with X-Rays or MRI scans if necessary (chiropractors are qualified to refer for these if required).


Using chiropractic techniques, we can reduce pressure on the nerve with an immediate reduction in your pain. Combined with an ongoing plan for stretching and exercise we aim to prevent any recurrence for you.

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