Our chiropractors are experts in assessing, diagnosing and treating all mechanical and musculoskeletal pain. Here at Advanced Chiropractic our primary focus is to not only help you feel better fast (which we are very good at) but also help you understand what is causing your pain so we can help you avoid recurrences.

We believe this is what makes us different, we will take our time to make sure you understand the root causes of your injury, whilst helping you become pain free, non-drug reliant and also to stop anybody missing out on life because of pain…because let’s face it, where’s the fun in that!

Chiropractic treatment is simple, after we find the cause of the problem, we help you move better, this can be done in the form of:

Chiropractic adjustment and joint mobilisation (by hand or by a gentler method of instrument adjusting for those with osteoporosis or similar) a quick release to the stiffened joints to loosen them right up. Often people will feel immediate benefit from this.
Exercise plans, we help and guide you into the best exercises for you and your problem. This can be stretches, mobilisations, strengthening exercises or even nerve flossing exercises, all dependent on your unique diagnosis.
Muscular release, dry needling or similar to relieve any spasms or unnecessary muscle tension which may be causing you pain.

Your treatment plan is specific to you, your pain and your lifestyle, as our chiropractors work around you to make you feel better.

We offer chiropractic from our very youngest of clients (2 weeks +) to our very youngest at heart, there is no age limit on chiropractic to help you feel better.

And for those who may need imaging referrals of any kind, ultrasound, MRI or X-Rays our chiropractors are able to immediately refer you for any necessary, the majority of which will be conducted in the same week.

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