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Putting Your Needs First

Providing fast and reliable solutions for your pain.

You are in safe hands when you visit one of our clinics, with our highly experienced doctors of chiropractic you can be assured that their personal approach ensures the highest standards of care to help you feel better fast.

Virtual Consultations:

For those people unable to attend an in-person appointment, our TELEHEALTH Consultations allow you to seek chiropractic care from the comfort and safety of your own home.


Giving excellent value for money, our fees offer affordable care.

From the very start of your journey towards pain fee living, ongoing care management and any long term maintenance programme, we are able to offer payment options to suit you.


We are registered with most major health insurance companies who usually offer some level of cover for our services.

Putting Your Needs First…

No. You do not need a referral from your GP for any of our services as these complement those offered by your family doctor.

With your consent, we are happy to provide information to your GP about our diagnosis and care plan.

Our clinics are fully accessible.

If you do have any mobility concerns, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can ensure that the most suitable treatment room is available.

We provide chiropractic care for all ages.

From paediatric care for babies and children through to later life care, our techniques are suitable for every age group and are based on your age, your condition, medical history and personal preference.

No. Chiropractic care shouldn’t hurt, treatments are usually painless.

If an area is inflamed (swollen) your chiropractor will alter the treatment, we ensure we use techniques which are right for you.

Some patients might have a mild reaction, temporary aches or pains after manipulation or exercise is entirely normal.

We encourage all our patients to talk to your chiropractor if you feel worried about anything before, during or after treatment.

To provide an accurate assessment and diagnosis, it is beneficial for the relevant area of your body to be uncovered, however, your comfort is of prime importance to us.

For upper body and neck problems you will be required to remove the top half of your clothing. Ladies should wear underwear they feel comfortable with or a vest top.

For lower limb and back problems you are often required to uncover your lower and upper back. We suggest you bring some shorts to wear.

All levels of decency are observed at all times and we are very happy for you to bring a chaperone to appointments.

You will be offered a fresh laundered gown at every appointment and we can also provide clean shorts or vest tops if required.

Everyone heals differently and there are many factors which influence how quickly you recover from an injury, so the time taken for improvements will differ from person to person.

Different conditions require different amounts of treatment, your chiropractor will discuss with you how many treatments they think will be needed at your initial consultation.

We usually advise more frequent visits at the start of a treatment plan in order to increase mobility and functionality, once this improves the frequency of visits is usually reduced.

We do recommend on-going treatment to maintain health and to prevent recurrence and deterioration.

Once your condition has been diagnosed our chiropractors will devise a personalised plan of treatment and care for you.

Initially this will be for pain management and the treatment of your condition, followed by a rehabilitation plan. In addition, you are likely to be given an individualised exercise plan to follow, together with postural and lifestyle advice.

Towards the end of your course of treatment and care your chiropractor will discuss maintenance care sessions with you, to ensure that you keep your body working at its best and to prevent any relapse.

All forms of payment; cash, cheque, debit card or most major credit cards are accepted. We work with most major health insurance companies.

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