Jane Petchelco


Jane Petchelco

ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage, ITEC Level 5 Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapist.
Chelmsford & Maldon

My Work

It is really important to me to assess your needs and be able to tailor a treatment that will really help you. Whether it is a relaxing, de-stressing massage or a specifically targeted sports massage I try to help you to understand what is happening with your body and what it is going through. I always find that this helps my patients to make the most of their massage treatment and as a result better able to help themselves. 


My interest in sports massage extends to playing sports myself and I am a great fan of tennis, both watching and playing. It helps me to unwind outside of work and better understand the strains and pressures we put our bodies through. I am a great advocate for The British Heart Foundation and you’ll find me helping out with post event massages throughout their summer events.


I love seeing the results of my massage treatments, to see my patients moving better, moving pain free and starting to enjoy the activities they love all over again. There are so many massage therapies available to us to work with and so many different conditions, I have taken great pleasure in being able to expand my knowledge and train in a variety of disciplines so that I can help even more patients.

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A Word of Advice…

“Drink 2 litres of water each day and keep mobile.”

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