Dr. Kajsa Nordbø


Dr. Kajsa Nordbø


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I was inspired to study chiropractic after suffering from long-lasting chronic back pain, for which chiropractic has helped me manage. As a clinician, being able to aid in patients’ recovery whether they are suffering from acute or chronic pain is incredibly rewarding. I pride myself on putting the patient at the centre of care and always strive to be open and honest. I utilise various techniques such as spinal manipulative therapy, alongside functional rehabilitation, as well as soft tissue therapies. 


I am particularly interested in chronic pain management, strength training and long-distance running. From previous experience at both university and from being a personal trainer, I have had the pleasure of helping people on the road to reaching their goals. I place huge value upon rehabilitation as an integrated part of a care plan and it’s been empowering to see positive results from treatment, exercise, and advice.


My continuous professional development and motivation is being able to help people get back to what they love doing, whether this is sports or activity related, work related or keeping themselves healthy.

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