Dr. Lauren Downing

Lauren Downing

Dr. Lauren Downing

MTech Chiropractic (UJ)


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I love the challenges that practicing chiropractic brings and having experiences over my career like treating an old ankle injury to help a patient’s persistent back pain – it’s incredible how connected everything in the body is. I am grateful for the tools chiropractic offers to be able to see the body as a whole and think outside of the box.

It is so rewarding to be able to help my patients from all walks of life keep up with the demands on their body, from everyday mums slumped over a computer to CrossFit athletes pushing their PB. When I get to see my patient’s frown turn into a smile, it is so satisfying knowing that I am part of that change and their relief. 


I’m a sunny South African who loves to live life to the full. If I am not on the Pilates mat exercising and swinging kettlebells or macebells, I might be on a road trip or trail, loving the challenge and always with good music and good food at hand. I know how important balance is in life and love the contrast of a quiet meditation or gaming on the computer. Either way, I know how important posture and balance is to let you do the things you love.


I really believe that small changes made consistently make a big difference in people’s lives. Chiropractic treatment need not be heavy or forceful if given accurately. That’s why I have completed many CPD courses that focus on fine tuning the body and giving you the best possible outcomes with the least amount of kick back the next day. Also I love being able to give you what you need to feel better, home exercises, ergonomic advice, whatever tools you need to get better quicker, it all adds up to better health and a better you!

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“Move better, more. You are a product of what you do every day, small consistent changes make the biggest difference.””

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