MRI, XRay & Ultrasound Referral

At times, further imaging is needed to gain a clearer picture and understanding of your condition. Speedy access to imaging services will ensure a prompt conclusion and a quick start to your treatment.
Whilst not usually necessary, when required our chiropractors will refer you for X-Ray, MRI or Ultrasound imaging as part of their assessment of your condition. The latest technology quickly provides clear digital images of your body’s underlying structures ready for their analysis. Our long standing affiliations with imaging centers across Essex means our rates for MRIs, X-Rays and Ultrasound imaging are incredibly competitive and are normally done within the same week of referral.

All our chiropractors are highly trained in radiography, enabling them to accurately interpret your images, reach an informed diagnosis and provide a personalised treatment for your needs.
Getting to the root cause of your condition is our priority. Using the imaging facilities at our disposal ensures that we provide you with the most appropriate care for your problem in the shortest time possible.

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