Dr. Rebecca Wilson

Dr. Rebecca Wilson


My Work

I began working in a Chiropractic Clinic as a receptionist whilst I was at college completing my A-Levels. I loved meeting the patients & seeing how their treatment was helping them and the more I experienced, the more I knew being a Chiropractor myself was what I wanted to do.

Seeing the benefits that patients get from their treatment really gives me that job satisfaction which we all crave. 

My Interests

I was born in Australia and when my family moved to England aged 5, my father still encouraged me to take up the ‘Aussie sports’ of Cricket and Rugby and I played both to a good standard whilst growing up. As a result, I saw a variety of sports injuries and the effect they had on people’s day to day lives, as well as their sporting career. Although I no longer play these sports competitively, I still enjoy being active by going to the Gym, Cycling and taking my dog for long walks.

My Development

During my Chiropractic studies, I also trained and worked as a Massage Therapist including Kinesiology Taping, Lava Shells and Pregnancy Massage. I found this so important to help me have a wider understanding of the range of treatments which are available to help people and I look forward to continuing to help people get the treatments they require and feel their best.

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