Sophie Gyles

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Sophie Gyles

Massage Therapist Chelmsford

Level 4 Sports Massage

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My favorite thing about being a massage therapist is that no two patients are the same. I love working with people to find the root cause of their issues and discovering how I can help them is so rewarding. There is no better feeling than seeing a patient leave their appointment feeling better than when they walked in. 


I’m a home girl at heart and love spending my downtime with family, friends and my dog. I’m obsessed with renovations and upcycling and am currently trying to teach myself how to play the piano (although i definitely won’t be putting Ludovico out of a job anytime soon)


What I love about massage therapy is how vast the scope is for learning, with so many therapies out there to learn and continuous new methods and techniques being developed there’s lots of scope to expand my knowledge and use that to benefit my patients.

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