Dr. Sorcha Elliott


Dr. Sorcha Elliott

MChiro, DC, LRCC

Clinic Director

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Over 10 years in this game and I never ever have stopped loving what I do. There is no better job than making people feel better. I do have a particular interest in the more complex cases, neurological and chronic as well as pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic. Known for my strong thumbs and Irish-isms I happily make anyone who walks through my door feel better and get back to doing what they love!

When I am not at the bench I am most likely behind the scenes running the business, often with a good color coordinated spreadsheet or meeting with the team. Dave and I started Advanced Chiropractic back in 2016 and we are so privileged and happy to be bringing the best chiropractors, massage therapists and customer service to the people of Essex. 


Outside of the clinic I just really love soaking in some good quality family time, making pancakes on a Sunday, swimming lessons on a Saturday, and just generally enjoying the small, normal things in life that make me happy. Being a mum of 2 myself I just know how important it is to keep my body working so I can play hide and seek or be at swimming lessons or simply get my little ones into their car seats without any troublesome backache getting in the way of that!


Over a decade of being a chiropractor you gain a lot of knowledge along the way. My development includes a vast amount of pregnancy and paediatric postgraduate training, an area which I truly enjoy. Keeping expectant mums free from musculoskeletal discomfort and pregnancy pain especially when we are so often told it is normal is just fantastic. Also I have studied a huge amount of chiropractic neurology in relation to migraines, headaches, dizziness and co-ordination, helping those with more complex headache issues and migraines. And of course coming from a very sporty and competitive background, I’ve pretty much done all the courses you can when it comes to treating athletes and keeping them on top of their game.

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“ Being able to do the things we enjoy makes life fun.”

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