Dr. Tate Thorn


Dr. Tate Thorn


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Having a strong background in sport and extensive knowledge on injury management and prevention, I have furthered my professional experience through implementing the latest manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation techniques into my care. I aim to enable patients to feel empowered in order to return or progress to their desired levels of activity, whatever that may be. 


I normally find myself being active, whether that’s playing golf, lifting heavy things, playing rugby or skiing when I can. I therefore have a passion in exercise and functional rehabilitation, allowing me to implement it into my care with great ease, allowing patients to take ownership of their pain and/or condition


I really enjoy helping athletes return to sport following injuries, through manual therapy techniques and exercise rehabilitation, having had a variety of sports-related injuries and surgeries myself. This is where my passion for chiropractic stemmed from as my ability to play high level sport was hindered by these injuries, where chiropractic and rehabilitation facilitated my return to playing sport. This drives me to continue to develop and improve all aspects of my care to help not only athletes but every patient to achieve their goals from treatment.

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