Dr. William Atherton


Dr. William Atherton

BSc (Hons) Human Sciences, MSc Chiropractic

Chiropractor Chelmsford

My Work

Having the ability to meet, treat and have a positive impact on people’s lives through the use of chiropractic techniques is hugely rewarding. Helping patients reach their goals and return to what they enjoy is a feeling I thrive off. I love helping people on their journey, whether it is getting them back to playing sport, pruning the garden or playing with the grandkids.the best care for my patients. 


Sports are a huge passion of mine, particularly football, golf and formula 1. One of my favorite ways to unwind is cooking, I absolutely love relaxing in the kitchen trying to recreate and try new recipes varying from your classic sunday roast to a homemade seafood paella, I enjoy it all!


I am always looking for ways to develop and expand my knowledge to help provide the best care for my patients. I believe the person with the most tools in their box wins. When I see patients in pain I like to know that I have everything I need to make them feel better, and be able to give my patients every bit of up to date advice or simple exercise that they can use to get better as fast as possible.

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